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Against the grain; my article in National Geographic Traveller Food Magazine

Updated: May 22, 2019

Years ago I said to myself, "I want to see my words in a National Geographic magazine title". Yesterday I picked up a copy from the shelves of W H Smith and low and behold, my words lay in print on page 16; a true realisation of a dream.

The road to it has not been easy, pot-holed with career worries, fears and 'what ifs'. But some days you really do just have to appreciate all you can achieve with the right support and motivation.

So, why not grab a cup of tea and check out my article about the top five gluten free bakeries in the UK, aptly titled, 'Against the grain'. It's particularly relevant to me as I chose to eliminate gluten from my diet a number of years ago. Now a lifestyle, it's not for everyone but I have noticed a substantial difference in my wellbeing since taking it out. Dietary lifestyles such as gluten-free and dairy-free have in the past been viewed as a fad, but instead they're gaining in popularity, becoming as normal and accepted as being vegetarian. This article couldn't come at a better time, placing a spotlight on five fantastic bakeries who are making treats that even gluten-eaters will be drooling for. Gluten-free no longer means taste or texture-free and I for one, cannot wait to see what creations these brilliant bakeries come up with next!

'Against the grain' is printed in Issue 5 of National Geographic Traveller Food, a publication released in partnership with National Geographic Traveller. It can also be found on the National Geographic website here.

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