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A feel-good design project with personal trainer Helen G PT

Last year I was approached by an old friend to work on a health and fitness project – right up my street. Helen is a fantastic personal trainer who has gone from unhappy with her body to super-duper fit, and is now dedicated to helping other women do the same. Building a business of outdoor classes, boot camps and gruelling personal training sessions, she’s now taken it up a level, creating a series of 24-week courses which clients can download from her website.

Helen's Beginner Programme: The FIT Plan

The series includes a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programme, all aimed at people who don’t have the time and indeed money to dedicate to personal training sessions. Whether starting from scratch or already on a fitness journey, they act as a guide, allowing people to improve their health in their own time for a one-off cost. Be it easy to follow exercises which build up throughout the weeks, or the brilliant and ‘to the point’ nutritional guidance, these courses are a fantastic way to transform yourself from fitness zero to hero.

I got involved from a design perspective, bringing to life a programme which has been years in the making. It has been a brilliant journey and it gives me great please to announce that the beginner course is now available to buy! The Intermediate and Advanced programmes are still in design but won’t be far behind for those of you already into fitness but looking to push a little harder.

Helen’s passion for helping people get fitter and healthier is contagious – it has certainly inspired me to push my own fitness. I can’t wait to see the difference these programmes make!


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