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Discussing sustainable fashion for Bumblezest

Bumblezest Health Shot Drinks
Bumblezest Health Shot Drinks

I was recently approached by health drink company Bumblezest (great name) to write content for the sustainability section of their website. Naturally I said yes, jumping at the opportunity to produce an article for such a great company with a healthy living ethos.

My article titled, 'How can we make our wardrobes more sustainable', explores fast fashion's impact on our environment and offers tips on how to think about fashion and clothing in a more sustainable way. Far from boring eco-linens, having a sustainable wardrobe is far less daunting that you might imagine; take a read of the post and see how many changes you can make.

The article is available on the Bumblezest website here; and while you're there, check out their punchy health shots. They really do get the taste buds tingling.

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