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Taking the reins on Omega Equine's nutritional copywriting

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

At the start of this year, I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Omega Equine. After just one meeting we clicked, and I began working on their website content immediately. This really was a dream client for a girl who grew up with horses.

The company are swiftly becoming one of the go-to brands for equine supplements, providing world-class nutritional feed support to some of the best in the business, including Team GB show jumper Ben Maher's horses. My first task was to rewrite their product descriptions for the company website and brochure. They needed the product descriptions to work harder from both a SEO and sales point of view, ensuring the products were getting the visibility they deserved. The brief was to produce colourful descriptions which highlighted the nutritional benefits whilst also conforming to the strict rules of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD); a tough task indeed.

With over 36 different supplements spanning every part of the anatomy, from hoof and kidney health to joint flexibility and muscle support, there was a huge amount of research involved. However, I collaborated with the Omega Equine team to produce a product description for every single supplement. These are now available online and in print, proving their worth in increased google rankings; so much so, many Omega Equine products now rank higher than a number of big-name competitors.

Following the success of the product descriptions, I was then commissioned to create more website content, this time about key ingredients. From turmeric to vitamin C, the purpose was to highlight the knowledge and care that goes into choosing the supplement ingredients, supporting the live product descriptions. It was also a way of developing the SEO strategy further and funnelling visitors around a brand-new website. My nutritional therapy qualification came into play here and my knowledge about how nutrients interact with the body significantly informed the style and success of the content.

We love Gemma's work; it has given our company a very colourful story; the interesting descriptions for our products have really helped gain people’s interest in our products

Omega Equine Founder, Sarah Ainsworth.

Omega Equine are doing great things for horses, and telling their story is a pleasure, especially for someone who grew up in the equestrian world. The work we have done together has highlighted the importance of a clear and respectful client-freelancer relationship; this has enabled a creative and collaborate environment which ultimately produces the best performing content.

The Omega Equine ethos of supporting both leisure and professional horses with natural nutrition is brilliant, and I can't wait for what comes next. Here's to happy, healthy horses for a long time to come.

Learn more about Omega Equine on their social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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