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A peek into the world of grocery Private Label thanks to Trace One

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with a fantastic client, Trace One. This global company develops software which connects retailers and suppliers to develop new and innovative private label products. These are products manufactured by the retailer rather than a traditional brand; think Tesco’s Finest or Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference and you get the rough idea.

Working alongside marketing agency Maxx Design, I was tasked with producing long form content, such as white papers and in-depth articles, about all things private label in Europe and the US. Together we explored big-issue topics such as how plastic will impact supermarkets and the impact of Amazon across the globe. With fascinating expert interviews as my guide, we’ve created four white papers and three articles; doing so has opened my eyes to a new layer of the grocery industry which I previously didn’t know existed. It’s been fascinating to learn about changing consumer behaviours, retail technology innovations, the future of food and the blurring of brands. My new-found knowledge has my own shopping habits completely changed.

Cover art for whitepapers (written by myself, designed by Maxx Design)

You can find links to previews of all the work we’ve done together below. As part of the Trace One Exec Club, the full content is only available to subscribers but there’s a taster of each for you to savour.

Long form content like this is a fantastic marketing activity for any client. Not once did we directly sell the product, instead providing value-added content on relevant and up-to-date topics which is of genuine interest to both the current and potential customer base.

White papers:


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