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A convenient taste of the exotic with So Easy Seasonings

As a lover of food, I really enjoy working with culinary clients. A few months ago, I was approached by the founder of So Easy Seasonings, a new food brand based in the UK, dedicated to convenient healthy eating. Tasked with producing enticing copy for the new website, needless to say, the project quickly became a match made in foodie heaven.

So Easy Seasonings was founded after owner, Stephen, started prepping his own spice combinations ahead of batch cooking. He was looking for a way to make healthy and convenient food taste amazing with as little effort as possible. We’re all busy people these days, so you can see the appeal. Soon he was prepping spice pots at the request of friends and before he knew it the idea of building a business, became a reality.

After launching his website, Stephen approached me to produce descriptive and delicious copy for each of his hand-blended seasoning pots. The project was a gastronomic journey around the world as I researched his amazing ingredient combinations and created copy about a huge variety of food cultures. From the vibrant flavours of India to a trip through the Mediterranean, his pots are designed to bring a taste of the world into your kitchen, quickly and healthily transforming humble ingredients without the use of preservatives or additives.

With twenty seasoning pots now available, Stephen hopes to change the perception that healthy food has to be bland and inconvenient; a concept I fully support. Slimming world and fitness friendly, I’m now hooked myself and have many of the spice mixes in my own cupboard for those evenings where I need easy, rewarding flavour.

Try the steak rub to add depth of flavour to your favourite meats or the shawarma kebab for the ultimate take on a homemade, healthy kebab. If you’re feeling brave, knock your socks off with the inferno blend, made with one of the hottest peppers in the world! For the full range, and a read of my product descriptions, take a look at the So Easy Seasonings website.

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