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Working with The Gym Chef; a tasty partnership

Earlier this year I was approached by The Gym Chef to develop and photograph healthy, tasty recipes. This cool startup based in the UK, produces delicious macro friendly seasonings, designed specifically to support diet and fitness goals. Unlike other 'diet' foods, these seasonings have a low salt content, no added salt, sugar or preservatives and are made from all natural ingredients. For a healthy food junkie like myself, this was a match made in heaven.

Ten recipes in and The Gym Chef folks have kindly allowed me to show off some of the work I've done for them; for the full recipes you'll have to keep an eye on their blog or find them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Hopefully you'll agree that with these gorgeous pots in your cupboard, creating quick and healthy food that's diet and fitness friendly, doesn't have to be boring anymore!


- Korean BBQ steak skewers using Korean BBQ Seasoning pot

- Turkey burgers using Summer BBQ seasoning pot

- Tomato and herb halloumi skewers using Tomato and Herb seasoning pot

- Cajun BBQ chicken with slaw using Cajun seasoning pot (full recipe available here)

- Crispy polenta chicken salad using Smoke and Spice seasoning pot

- Green veggie burgers using using Summer BBQ seasoning pot

- Jamaican Jerk prawns with mango salad using Jamaican Jerk seasoning pot

- Tandoori eggs using Tandoori seasoning pot

- Spicy beans on sweet potato using Smoke and Spice seasoning pot

- Peri peri chicken with herby quinoa using Peri Peri and Lemon and Herb seasoning pots

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